Bogdan Nedelcu

Co-Founder & Software Trainer

After a short adventure in Research (Materials Engineering), Bogdan started his software career in the startup space helping with data analysis and pipelines. He then moved deeper into the web and the full-stack, working with every piece of technology you can imagine, from good old PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, C# and finally JavaScript. 

He found his true passion on the web, more particularly modern JavaScript and TypeScript which is what he spends most of his time on right now. After a few years working on greenfield as well as legacy software systems, he joined Klarna where he was in charge of mobile development as well as different banking APIs. 

Bogdan moved on to Enpal, an top european solar player where he first acted as a Principal Engineer designing their Micro-sevices architecture. He got promoted shortly after to Engineering Manager and took charge of 2 different engineering teams of full-stack developers. 

He coached and mentored hundreds of software development students as an Instructor at ReDI School of Digital Integration in Berlin. After witnessing the lack of proper mentorship and training in the industry, he decided to join Dragos and co-found platform with the hope of changing the IT industry for the better. 

In his free time you will find him hunting for the perfect photo with his camera, gardening or cooking a delicious meal with the same precision he writes software. 

“The world’s most results-oriented school for experienced software developers where ordinary software developers become extraordinary technical leaders.”