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Dragos Nedelcu
Co-Founder & Software Trainer
Bogdan Nedelcu
Co-Founder & Software Trainer is a software training platform that helps software developers professionalize their skills and build wildly successful careers in the software industry.

Starting from scratch in 2019 with just a few mentees, has grown to help dozens of developers all over the world, from Berlin to London and New York achieve impressive success as technical leaders.

We believe that the “traditional way” of getting better as a developer by doing online courses, reading long books, memorising, and searching the web for advice from faceless developers is broken. It is creating robots, not thinkers.

Programming jobs offer mostly no proper training, nor mentorship. Traditional software development courses focus on trendy frameworks and libraries. None of them addresses the real struggles software developers face every day.

Our mission is to revolutionise this old way and create a new paradigm where software developers learn online from industry leaders, use their own experience as a teacher and get paid well in the process.

Without a PhD or getting into a FAANG, we want to allow ordinary software developers to become extraordinary professionals.

We’re training software developers every day to excel and become insanely good at what they do best, so they can contribute more, earn more and live a life full of freedom and possibilities.

We want fewer coders and more professionals.We’re 3 years into the mission and have helped 150+ developers move into better-paying positions for better companies all over the world.

Some of our students passed the Senior level and are on their way to becoming tech leads, architects and CTOs.

Join us to lead the Software Revolution!
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Dragos Nedelcu
Dragos Nedelcu
Senior Developer & Co-founder at theSeniorDev
Bogdan Nedelcu
Bogdan Nedelcu
Principal Engineer & Co-founder at theSeniorDev