For JavaScript Developers looking to level up to the Senior Level:

Get To Senior Developer In 3 Months Or Less Without Endless Courses, Side Projects Or Burning Out

Software Mastery

4.9 Average Rating - Excellent
Find out your technical gaps and build a step-by-step Technical Roadmap
Master the "Fundamentals" using proven Principles and Mental Models
Gain Senior level confidence and deliver end-to-end
Increase your salary (up to 100%) and move to a higher level
Be part of a global community of more than 160+ ambitious JavaScript developers
Price on request.
What is it?
Software Mastery is a Mentorship program that shows you how to get to Senior level positions by finding your technical gaps and mastering Fundamentals and Mental Models instead of frameworks. We do that through live in-person Coaching Calls, on-point technical content, and a strong community.
Why does it exist? 
Software Mastery™ was created because there is a tremendous amount of misinformation in software development which is failing to provide ambitious developers with personalised feedback from senior developers with production experience.
How does it work?
In Software Mastery™ you'll follow specific steps tailored to your technical gaps and get active feedback from us during the process as well as network with a hand-picked community of expert developers from all over the world
Who is it for?
Software Mastery™ specialises in helping Software Developers working with the JavaScript Stack who are hungry to improve their technical skills, work for the best tech companies and become the "go-to" expert developers in their team.
When does it start?
Software Mastery™ starts right away for clients who join depending on the available slots (we can only work together with a handful of developers at the same time).
What do you learn?
You will gain Senior level confidence to deliver end-to-end, improve your technical skills effectively and get to a higher level without endless courses, side projects, or waiting for years even if you don’t have a CS degree or tens of years of experience.

Real results through outcome-based training

We work with you until you achieve your goals. We help you find your gaps, put in place a systematic plan to fix them, and give you personalised feedback all the way through.
1:1 Coaching & Mentoring 
We will develop a personalised strategy based on your specific technical gaps and goals. 
You are never alone. Embark on a journey with more than 160+ ambitious software developers all over the world.
Group Calls
Bring your questions and learn from other developers' struggles so you don’t have to make the same mistakes yourself. For more confidence, better salary and less stress.
Learning Platform
Get instant access to proven mental models and timeless software development principles with on click. 
Continuous Feedback
You will get instant feedback from us on your progress, including personalised code reviews and tailored answers.
Plug and Play Cheat Sheets
No need to reinvent the wheel, just use our cheat sheets with proven models and instructions and get results right away. 

Experience the power of code. Without writing it.

Take control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a completely visual canvas — and let Webflow translate your design into clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish to the web, or hand off to developers.
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For Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
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The Content of the program.

Our mentoring program will help you unlock the next level in your developer career.
Senior Level Mindset & Strategy
  • Find your technical gaps by using our state-of-the-art Technical assessment and gain complete clarity on where you stand right now as a software developer. 
  • Define clear tangible steps to get to the next level based on your technical gaps, earning potential, and personal situation. 
  • In our coaching you get all the tools, templates, and mental models necessary to fill your technical gaps, gain Senior level confidence and stand out from the mass of developers.
Professional Image & Selling yourself
  • 1- click templates for your complete professional image (LinkedIn, CV, cover letter).
  • Ready made scripts on how to sell yourself to recruiters and companies and make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.
  • Avoid being offered less because of your lack of a CS degree, lack of years of experience or technologies you didn’t get the chance to work with by communicating your real value as a developer.
Master the "Fundamentals"
  • Master Senior level topics on the client-side, from Testing, to Performance and Software Architecture, and stand out from the sea of coders.
  • Leverage Mental Models and timeless software development principles instead of frameworks and libraries that always change.
  • Be able to influence architectural decisions on the front end, pass Senior level interviews and deliver at a higher level.
Complete Software Lifecycle
  • Transition from the JavaScript Developer to the Software engineer by expanding your knowledge of the Backend and the Cloud. 
  • Deliver end-to-end, able to identify any issues across the full-stack, and stand out as the “go-to” engineer in your team. 
  • Gain more responsibility, diversity your technical skills and have access to a new range of higher-level Senior positions.
Architect’s Mindset
  • Make technical decisions, participate in Architectural discussions, and lead your team with proven methodologies and mental frameworks. 
  • Be able to hold conversations with technical leaders, from CTOs to Software Architects by developing an Architect’s mindset when approaching technical issues.
  • Connect your low-level understanding with the big picture and be able to navigate complex implementation with ease.
Bonus: Technical Interviews on Autopilot
  • Use ready-made templates, coding boilerplates, and a structured process to be 5x faster and deliver coding challenges that will make you stand out from the coding crowd. 
  • Quickly deliver on your take-home tasks with our ready-made checklists and send production-ready code with no effort every single time. 
  • Overdeliver impresses your interviewers by going the extra mile in testing, performance, and documentation.
Bonus: CS Foundations 
  • Fill the gaps that your self-taught or Bootcamp education left behind and feel 100% confident in your technical knowledge.
  • Pass technical interviews with ease by mastering data structures and algorithms with a proven 5 steps process rather than memorisation. 
  • Stand out through your problem soling skills, regardless of the tech stack involved.
Bonus: JavaScript Fundamentals
  • To get to Senior, delivering tickets in the Sprint is not enough, you have to master JavaScript the way you speak English.
  • Master the Core Principles in the JavaScript ecosystem and be able to deliver regardless of the library or framework involved.
  • Use ready-made cheat sheets to clear tricky JavaScript interview questions and never go blank in front of the interviewer again.

We implement together, every step of the way. 

Having a full-time job as a developer, finding time to improve your skill, and making sure you work on the right things can be extremely challenging. That’s why you will have Live Coaching Calls with expert Mentors, a vibrant community, and personal support to guide you all the way through the implementation.
Community with Senior Developers
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives with top software developers and never be alone in your journey. 
  • Build true connections and friendships. 
  • Have a safe space to talk about the daily challenges you face as a developer and solutions. Bring each other forward.
Support from Expert Mentors 
  • Watch an excerpt from one of our live calls here. Just click on the play button. 
  • You will have live access to Dragos and Bogdan weekly in Zoom calls where you can bring any questions you might have.
  • Topics include technical topics, salary negotiation, and mindset.
· Case studies

Unlock the potential of creating

Fast and scalable hosting, advanced security, dedicated partnership, and much more.
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You get:

Online training “Software Mastery” (1 year access)
Active community of JavaScript developers who are on the exact same journey (1 year access)
Weekly Collaboration (Q&A) group calls & email support
Your “passionate coder guarantee”
Continuous feedback in filing your technical gaps, gaining Senior level confidence, moving to a higher level position and earning more
Click here to see if you qualify

Software Mastery Reviews

Raffaele Nicosia

Frontend Developer - London, UK
60% pay increase, remote position & modern stack
“Working with you was like having a cup of tea with a friend. You are always there for us.”


As a self-taught developer, Raffaele struggled with understanding exactly what things he needed to focus on to get to the next level. Even though he’s been coding for more than four years at the time, he’s been switching different tech-stack and his company didn’t offer any training or mentorship for him to transition to the next level.


The focus with Raffaelle was number one crystalizing his existing knowledge around key principles and fundamentals so he can connect the dots, and be able to deliver with full confidence end to end in the JavaScript (React, Node, TypeScript) stack.


After putting the Software Mastery system in place, Raffaele skyrocketed his confidence in his technical skills being able to overdeliver at his current position, he ended up switching jobs. In the process, he almost doubled his salary and got the flexibility of working 100% remotely which was one of his dream in order to be able to stay close to his family in Italy.

Kirsten Burton

Senior Frontend Engineer - Connecticut, US
35% salary increase, Senior level position
 “I was able to weed out all the noise, and focus on the things that were important.”


Kirsten's challenge came from her experience as a self-taught engineer and the relatively small company she was working at. She became the “Jane of all trades” jumping from feature development to bug fixes to setting up infrastructure topics. As a result, she lacked the technical depth required for a Senior Engineer. Confused by the number of blog posts and tutorials out there, she reached out to us to craft a clear path for her to the next level.


The biggest breakthrough in the case of Kirsten and the first thing we did was finding out first what were the exact gaps in her knowledge. The second step was to leave secondary topics to the side (infrastructure) and focus on gaining depth in the tech stack she wanted to grow in, JavaScript. Using the mental models and principles contained in the Software Mastery program and getting feedback from us all along the way.


In a couple of weeks, Kirsten went from barely getting by having to catch on weekend and evening, to becoming the “go-to” person and leading her team. Shortly after she moved on to a better position that meant a salary increase of roughly 40% in her compensation and offered her the ability to work remotely (something she was looking for since she became a developer). She is now constantly improving herself as part of the community and is on her way to getting her own team.

Fahed Arshad

Full-stack Developer -  Edinburgh, Scotland
45% salary increase, modern stack
"It gave me back the passion for software engineering."


As a self taught developer Fahed has been working with the JavaScript stack for a while and he was hungry for something more, but every time he tried, Impostor Syndrome would hold him back. At his job, he spent most of his time fixing bugs, and never got the chance to build strong fundamentals.


After analyzing Fahed’s gaps we put together a personalized roadmap and went straight to work. He applied our Mastery System to his particular situation and got feedback from us at every point of the journey. He took action, implemented, and also got extremely involved in the community.


After working with us, Fahed almost doubled his salary within just a few weeks, and not only that but he made the transition from “coder” to “engineer” that he’s been looking for. He went from guessing his way out through things to being able to deliver with full confidence, end-to-end like a true Senior Developer.

Adriana Matsufuji

Full-stack Developer - The Randstad, Netherlands
45% salary increase, paid time off, bigger company
“I even thought at some point about leaving software development until I met you and you changed that. ”


Adriana was a fullstack developer, and after almost 5 years writing code felt like getting stuck without making much progress. Even though she felt ready for the next level she didn’t have a clear idea on how to get there. She even thought at some point about leaving Software Development and trying something else. Well lucky she didn't, she decided to join theSeniorDev instead.


Getting into development through a Bootcamp, meant Adriana’s fundamentals were not so strong. That’s actually the first thing that came up after analysing her technical gaps. It was also obvious that she spent too much time jumping from backend to frontend and from framework to framework which only accentuated her gaps and didn’t give her the chance to sharpen her technical skills at a deeper level.


After only a few weeks of working together, Adriana was on the way to making her dream come true, a better position that matched her technical level. What’s more, during the interviews she got the feedback that there were no questions left for her as she nailed them all. She moved on to a bigger company with, a better tech stack, and increased her salary by 45% in the process. Beyond that, she’s built the kind of confidence that will carry her beyond the Senior level.

Ranjit Saimbi

Full-stack Developer - London, UK
Crazy pay increase (100%), more responsibility
“It put me years ahead of schedule of where I thought my salary would be.”


Ex-lawyer and Software Engineer, Ranjit was almost 3 years into development when he got in touch with us. Throughout his journey, he jumped from startup to startup, which meant limited exposure to codebases at scale. He had doubts about the depth of his knowledge and the quality of the mental models he’s built so far regarding software development. At that point, he started thinking about how to get to the next level and that’s when we got in touch.


Given his startup experience and his self-taught journey, the issues that Ranjit faced were many. On one side, he had to build on his existing knowledge and add more depth to the mix of experiences he’s got. On the other side, he had to widen his experience, particularly on the side of best practices and big-picture understanding (infrastructure, software architecture).


We’ve got to work and after a few weeks working on the foundations, Ranjit started checking out the market with the intention of just getting some feedback. In a matter of weeks he landed an offer that completely blew his expectations, with a 100% salary increase, touching six figures in the London market in his 3rd year of writing code. Way beyond his wildest dreams, he is not motivated to keep growing and working towards the next step.
Alex Zahar
Fontend Engineer

Enrolling in your mentoring program is one of the best decision I have taken in my software career so far, I would always repeat this experience!

18 Aug, 2021
Jana Kunft
Senior Software Engineer

This program has been and still is absolutely invaluable for me, and I highly recommend it to everyone

Jul 27, 2022
Ilaria Corda
Backend Engineer

Within one month of enrolling into the program, I managed to land a fantastic job and place myself in a salary range I could not remotely hoped for before.

Jan 31, 2022
Fahed Arshad
Full-stack Engineer

Working with Dragos and Bogdan has been an amazing experience where I have been able to not only increase my salary by 40% but also have the technical skills of a true senior software engineer.

17 Aug, 2022
Keith Waters
Fontend Engineer

The most helpful part was all of the motivation and mindset work. Without that, I would not have been able to go from a Mid level to a Senior position at a new company.

Apr 29, 2022
Håvard Andersen
Fontend Engineer

Dragos and Bogdan were instrumental in landing me close to a six figure (USD) salary at a world-renowned consultancy.

Feb 4, 2022
Kirsten O'Farrell
Fontend Engineer

Joining the Code With Dragos Software Mastery Program is truly the best decision I could have made for my career.

Feb 3, 2022
Arti M

If you're tired of hopping from one tutorial to another, tired of trying to keep up with the endless new frameworks and just want to get your fundamentals right and learn how to learn, then this is the place for you!

Aug 14, 2022
 Goksen Gorgulu
Fontend Engineer

A unique software mastery program with great mentors. I recommend this course to any mid-level software developer who wants to become an expert.

May 4, 2022
Martynas Kuznecovas
Front-end developer

Since joining his program I grew so much not just as developer, but as individual. I understood where I stand, where I need to be, and what I need to do.

Jul 6, 2022
Ergun Cuneyt

In the middle of the program, I was offered a new role with a 25% salary increase and after three months in the role, I had another 20% increase.

Jul 3, 2022
 Jaime Pinto
Fontend Engineer

They honestly give you the best of themselves and put all their effort to help you in whatever you need, in a technical and personal way. Every time I can, I still connect to those sessions because you can learn so much in there.

Jun 7, 2022