Get To Senior Developer In 3 Months Or Less With A Step-By-Step Plan WITHOUT Any Courses Or Side Projects

Clarity & Custom Plan
Find exactly what your technical gaps are, and put in place a systematic plan to cover them for you to get to the next level as a developer.
Master the fundamentals 
Use our step-by-step systematic approach to strengthen your fundamentals and grasp of the big picture so you can deliver at senior level.
Deliver independently end-to-end
Find out how to deliver with confidence independently end-to-end by mastering the complete software lifecycle.

Our Mentees work at

The Proven Path to Senior Developer

Custom Plan.

Find your technical gaps
You will find out exactly where you stand right now as a developer and what is the gaps for you to make the jump to the next level.
Strategy and Mindset.
With our help you will clearly define what to do next, so you know exactly where you are going as a developer from now on.
Systematic Approach
Timing is everything. You will make sure that you fill your technical gaps in the right order.
Get into the top 5%
By implementing our system you will be the one choosing what companies to work for and how much you make.

Fundamentals Over Frameworks.

Bottom Up Approach
We will help you shift your focus from frameworks to principles and patterns, and develop a solid technical foundation that will serve you for a lifetime.
Goodbye Side Projects 
Side Projects take a life on their own and repeat things you already know. You must focus on the ins and outs of building production level software instead.  
Mental Models
You will leverage mental models and proven principles instead so no matter the trends or frameworks going around, you are on top of your game. 
No more “Courses”
Together we will focus on doing, on collaboration and feedback instead of binge watching content that you will forget shortly after. 

Feedback and Accountability.

Personal Coaching
You will get daily personalized individual feedback from Dragos & Bogdan (as code reviews and live Q&A calls).
An exclusive group with 150+ software developers, 30+ Senior Engineers and FAANG alumni that you can connect and share experiences with instantly.
You will have weekly/monthly check ins with us to hold you accountable and make sure you are hitting your goals. 
Get 24/7 support via the community or email/chat/calls with us as you implement through the program.

Your journey to success


Find your technical gaps

Through our 360 Technical Mastery assessment you will know what are the exact things you need to put in place to get to the next level.

Step-by-step custom plan 

Put in place a systematic step-by-step plan to eliminate all the guessing and jumping around.

Master the Fundamentals

You can’t build a castle on sand. Before jumping on learning new things, you will first make sure the things you know you know deep. To get to senior, delivering in the Sprint is not enough.

Deliver End-To-End

Be able to deliver independently without constantly asking for help by moving up the stack and mastering the complete software lifecycle.

Big Picture

Transition from the JavaScript developer to a Software Engineer by putting in place timeless mental models critical when making technical decisions.
developers in program
***average salary increase after the program
in salary increases for the devs we worked with

Customer Results

Goksen Gorgulu

Frontend Developer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"I was able to build a really strong foundation and feel very confident about my knowledge and experience. I’m no longer intimidated by computer science terms and also started performing quite well during technical interviews."


After a career change to tech Goksen struggled to deliver at the level she wante to. What’s more she accumulated experience in different tech stack but knew none too deep. She wanted more responsibility and a level that reflected her skills.


The first thing we did was to focus all her efforts on what she liked most, that si the React framework, as well as deepen her knowledge of the full-stack (backend, software lifecycle). The aim was to deepen and professionalize the stack of skills.


Goksen successfully transitioned into a more Senior position, working with her favorite stack and an almost 70% salary increase. She is now working towards an Engineering Manager position.

Alex Zahar

JavaScript Developer, Munich, Germany
"Enrolling in your mentoring program is one of the best decision I have taken in my software career so far, I would always repeat this experience!"


As a self taught developer Alex struggled with the fundamentals. After spending most of his career working for a startup he became a “Jack of all trades”, knowing a lot about many things but not having deep expertise in any of them.


A personalized roadmap that would focus his efforts on the JavaScript stack, particularly the frontend. As a second step, to master software fundamentals and make the transition from coder to engineer.


Alex took action right away, as a result he deepened his JavaScript understanding and professionalized his frontend understanding. He ended up switching jobs resulting in a 60% salary increase as well as better tech stack and more responsibilities.

Jennifer Wjertzoch

Frontend Developer, Berlin, Germany
"I've really excelled in the months I've been working with them and now I can confidently act as a developer and have the influence in the tech community that I've always wanted to have."


More than 2 years after transitioning into software development from a non-conventional background (Arts), Jennifer felt disheartened with her new technical career. She’s been boxed into the “junior” level, with no mentorship from her superiors and no growth.


After carefully understanding what her technical gaps were, Jennifer had to strengthen her fundamentals as well as add more technical depth to her skills, particularly in the JavaScript stack.


Armed with a clear path Jennifer built herself into a high-performing mid/level engineer. In the span of 2 months, she went from needing mentors to mentoring her own junior developers (in the process she almost doubled her salary).

Scott Voyles

JavaScript Developer, Frankfurt, Germany
"The training gave me a huge boost of confidence going into the interview process, and was a major factor in my landing a great new job - increasing my salary by 58%."


Well into his 3rd position as a developer Scott noticed that his lack of formal Computer Science degree was holding him back from making the transition into a higher position. Online courses, blog articles, and advice from senior devs only managed to confuse him further, and given his family obligations, he almost lost hope.


After our initial chat, we realized most of Scott’s issues were due to him having to switch projects so often. He lacked a deep understanding of design patterns and programming principles beyond frameworks.


In the weeks of working together Scott went from being the one asking for help to the top software developer in his team. Shortly after, he switched companies to higher positions with a final 58% increase in salary and flexible hours(one of his goals, as he wanted to have more time for his family).

Michael Evans

Fullstack Developer, Berlin, Germany
"The confidence boost I gained from knowing that my technical skills have improved was significant."


A clear step-by-step action plan based on his own technical gaps that would cover the lacking fundamentals and propel him into the Senior level, Michel refreshed his understanding of the frontend and expanded his knowledge of the complete software lifecycle.


A clear step-by-step action plan based on his own technical gaps that would cover the lacking fundamentals and propel him into the Senior level, Michel refreshed his understanding of the frontend and expanded his knowledge of the complete software lifecycle.


With refreshed confidence in his skills as a full-stack developer, Michael increased his freelance rate and got accepted into an elite network for freelance programmers.
Alex Zahar
Fontend Engineer

Enrolling in your mentoring program is one of the best decision I have taken in my software career so far, I would always repeat this experience!

18 Aug, 2021
Jana Kunft
Senior Software Engineer

This program has been and still is absolutely invaluable for me, and I highly recommend it to everyone

Jul 27, 2022
Ilaria Corda
Backend Engineer

Within one month of enrolling into the program, I managed to land a fantastic job and place myself in a salary range I could not remotely hoped for before.

Jan 31, 2022
Fahed Arshad
Full-stack Engineer

Working with Dragos and Bogdan has been an amazing experience where I have been able to not only increase my salary by 40% but also have the technical skills of a true senior software engineer.

17 Aug, 2022
Keith Waters
Fontend Engineer

The most helpful part was all of the motivation and mindset work. Without that, I would not have been able to go from a Mid level to a Senior position at a new company.

Apr 29, 2022
Håvard Andersen
Fontend Engineer

Dragos and Bogdan were instrumental in landing me close to a six figure (USD) salary at a world-renowned consultancy.

Feb 4, 2022
Kirsten O'Farrell
Fontend Engineer

Joining the Code With Dragos Software Mastery Program is truly the best decision I could have made for my career.

Feb 3, 2022
Arti M

If you're tired of hopping from one tutorial to another, tired of trying to keep up with the endless new frameworks and just want to get your fundamentals right and learn how to learn, then this is the place for you!

Aug 14, 2022
 Goksen Gorgulu
Fontend Engineer

A unique software mastery program with great mentors. I recommend this course to any mid-level software developer who wants to become an expert.

May 4, 2022
Martynas Kuznecovas
Front-end developer

Since joining his program I grew so much not just as developer, but as individual. I understood where I stand, where I need to be, and what I need to do.

Jul 6, 2022
Ergun Cuneyt

In the middle of the program, I was offered a new role with a 25% salary increase and after three months in the role, I had another 20% increase.

Jul 3, 2022
 Jaime Pinto
Fontend Engineer

They honestly give you the best of themselves and put all their effort to help you in whatever you need, in a technical and personal way. Every time I can, I still connect to those sessions because you can learn so much in there.

Jun 7, 2022

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Meet the team

Dragos Nedelcu
Dragos Nedelcu
Co-Founder & Software Mentor
Bogdan Nedelcu
Bogdan Nedelcu
Co-Founder & Technical Trainer
Our Offices

Our Offices

Also referred to as the "Silicon Valley" of Germany, Berlin is home to many European Tech giants such as Zalando, Hello Fresh, and Delivery Hero.
This unique position in one of the world's most competitive places within the software industry gives us access to the best information in the sector.

FAQ's About Software Mastery

1. Why does it exists?

Software Mastery™ was created because there is a tremendous amount of misinformation in software development which is failing to provide ambitious developers with....

a. Personalised feedback from senior developers with production experience.
b. A systemised step by step roadmap for getting to the next level that has been tested and proven in the real world.
c. A community of ambitious developers, to connect with and learn from.

Software Mastery™ blends all three together.

2. How does it work?

In Software Mastery™ you'll follow specific steps tailored to your technical gaps and get active feedback from us during the process as well as network with a hand-picked community of expert developers from all over the world.

We work together over 8 weeks, where the main focus is helping you achieve the goals we map out together during our call. After the 8 weeks, we provide you with lifetime access to the 2x per week Q&A Live Calls, video training, and Private Software Mastery Community for no additional cost, this way you can growing as a developer with expert mentorship.

3. What is needed to join?

An investment of time, money and a commitment to your own success is needed.To get results, we both need to turn our keys. From just reading here, the price is going to sound expensive, and the clients who join always realise just how much of a bargain truly is, given the results they achieve and the other options available to them.

4. Who is it for?

Software Mastery™ specialises in helping software developers who are hungry to improve their technical skills, work for the best tech companies and become the "go-to" expert developers in their team. Whether you're trying to hit your goals faster, need the right information or simply want to follow a proven system, Software Mastery was designed with you in mind.

5. When does it start?

Software Mastery™ starts right away for clients who join depending on the available slots (we can only work together with a handful of developers at the same time). You are given lifetime access to the mentoring sessions, and video training, and will be accepted into our Private Community Platform.

6. Where does it happen?

Software Mastery ™ takes place online. The Q&A calls, video training, and private community group are easily accessible from your laptop or mobile device.