Why a "personal brand"​ won't save your developer career (trust me, I did it)

Have you already heard it?

Is the hottest thing in 2021...

Knowling a gazillion of JavaScript libraries is not enough. A well-done CV and a nice GitHub is not enough. As a software developer, to get noticed by employers or potential clients what you need now is: a personal brand.

Here we go again...

Why is the average developer required to be a “thought leader”?

How should you even do technical blogging, when you still struggle with React? While traversing arrays still makes you shiver. All while handling all your family and having a private life.

Think about it.

Let’s say you would be posting here and there. It will increase your visibility and connections. Yet, the people watching you will mostly be fellow developers. They will appreciate your support, maybe even recommend you. But they can’t really hire you. Giving back to the community is a wonderful thing to do when you are in a position to do so. Yet first, you need to get there.

Time is of the essence.

You will take that precious time out of polishing those JavaScript skills, finally learning how to traverse a binary tree (or even build one).

You will take precious time out of polishing those JavaScript skills.

And even if visibility makes wonders for your career (and your ego :)) in the long-term, it will distract from your learning.

Your moment will come.

If you are a high achiever you will eventually branch into writing and speaking at events. I did this when I was already successful at my job. When my JavaScript skills were polished to perfection. After having taught and mentored a few dozens developers myself. After having had thousands of coffees and lunches with fellow developers. After succeeding and failing at a couple of IT projects.

And now what?

I say, get the basics right first.

With basics, I mean the building blocks of your developer career. I mean a deep understanding of your language of choice. I mean debugging skills that will pull you out of long nights of debugging. This is what will make you productive, what will make get you that job or that promotion you are longing for.

But, what about getting interviews?

To deal with the lack of interviews, improve your online presence by optimizing your professional image with surgical precision. Afterwards, connect with other developers, tech leaders and recruiters.

Optimize your professional image with surgical precision.

Here, on LinkedIn, you can approach potential employers and clients easily. This takes 20% of the effort and gives 80% of the results.

There is a quicker and easier way to realize the full potential of your developer career.

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Dragos Nedelcu

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